What is the ILR?

The Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) is a vibrant community of retirement-age members who are engaged in lifelong learning, personal fulfillment and enjoyment through participation in a variety of courses, programs and activities.

The Institute has operated since 2001 in partnership with the University of Florida. It is affiliated with Road Scholar (formerly known as Elderhostel) and is based at Oak Hammock at the University of Florida.

Peer learning is the heart of the ILR concept. Older adults who are self-motivated and who wish to define their own educational experiences can achieve these aspirations through ILR programs in a relaxed collegiate atmosphere.  The only requirements are a desire to learn and actively participate in a flexible, non-competitive environment. Personal fulfillment is the primary goal.

  • The Institute for Leaning in Retirement is a nonprofit community-based organization that provides enrichment programs through continuing education to retirement-age members.
  • Membership is open to all older adults regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation or prior education.
  • Membership is open to all North Florida residents age 55 or over.
  • Over 550 members from Gainesville and the surrounding communities currently participate in ILR programs.
  • Celebrate lifelong learning!

For information on the ILR's Governance, Board, and Curriculum Committee, please click here.

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Please check out the ILR's new YouTube channel where you'll see an ILR Public Service Announcement and  the ILR History as well as selected lectures by popular presenters.